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Product, innovate in responsibility -- motivation of river the Huaihe River is g
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Be located in seat of military headquarters of former the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan the Inc. of motivation of the Huaihe River of Jiangsu river river of saline city, it is our country mechanical industry the enterprise of tradition of history of flourish of one furniture bright, it holds water at the period of War of Resistance Against Japan that flames of war flies violently. The firearms that regards the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan as 3 division repairs place, made special contribution for the victory of war of resistance against aggression. In socialistic construction, it regards stress of industry of national internal-combustion engine as the enterprise, the development that will be industry of our country agriculture machinery for years was offerred on the dynamical machine of ten million stage. River move one-cylinder small-sized diesel engine was judged to be product of Chinese famous brand 2005; River move much crock diesel engine to be east for a long time horse of gold of cropland of red, east wind, blessing, Yellow Sea, run quickly wild wait for form a complete set of tractor of Chinese famous brand, gallop go up in domestic and international wide field; After entering 21 centuries, have hundred thousands of every year again the stage is high-powered, small discharged river moves general gasoline engine to send past world each district.
A   no matter how does the company change development, on the shoulder with moving river, always compare sense of responsibility of others much share and mission feeling it seems that. This kind of responsibility, body is right now in social contribution, in reflecting the breakthrough in the technology, also reflect go up to the innovation of the product in them.
Go up century 90 time middle period, the industry of general gasoline engine of our country is very lagging still, according to " almanac of industry of Chinese internal-combustion engine " account, the whole nation is current 1996 gasoline engine total output only 500 thousand, the two-stroke gasoline engine of the quantity is discharged under 88% backward still 100cc among them, fuel economy is poor, discharge pollution serious. And abroad already began those who understand machine product to be opposite discharge, noise raises very tall requirement, advanced four-stroke gasoline engine showed advantage. Look from home market, pass autocycle gain ground change level, chinese farmer already began to accept gasoline engine power, and burgeoning careful agriculture, already put forward high quality, low discharge demand of gasoline engine dynamic. 1997, for " bumper harvest China " the river that dedicated 40 years moved decision-making layer to form a consensus: Regard the backbone of industry of internal-combustion engine of the small-power in our country as the enterprise, should responsible, accountability the responsibility that assumes step aside happening to produce high-powered small-sized and general gasoline engine. The demand that this since company grows, the responsibility that also is state-owned company makes like that.
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