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Free service sees the real situation -- Kangmingsi is " 5
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On August 29, 2008 - on May 12, 2008, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain produce 8 level calamity of especially big earthquake. Rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief to become urgent matter then, shake hind comes to help to also affecting millions upon millions popular feeling. Face the catastrophe of this arise suddenly, kang Mingsi (China) investment limited company not only at morrow urgent in the morning to contribution of Chinese Red Cross 1 million yuan of RMB, more organized with the rapiddest rate " group of free service of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief " , the rush to deal with an emergency that provides Kang Mingsi engine for seismic disaster area provides disaster relief equipment (cover project machine, car and generation set to wait) provide free care and maintenance and spare parts support. Up to by July, the free part that Kangmingsidi supplies and maintenance serve already value 3 million RMB, the accord that gets plant of army providing disaster relief, leader and client reputably.