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Technology, break through in pressure -- motivation of river the Huaihe River is
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"EPA " , " CARB " abbreviate of these two English, believe to be opposite for a lot of people already new not great also attention, be opposite however for public figure of environmental protection group, they are the heights with two arduous lofty however, former delegate is worn arrange of American federal environmental protection, latter is executive whole world the bureau of resource of American California air that the strictest environment discharges code. Global internal-combustion engine course of study person, had crossed these two high mountains only -- obtain them arrange attestation letter, product ability enters American whole area, free goes at market of global high end, because bound element has this international internal-combustion engine " the person that get California to discharge attestation gets the world " say.
Be located in the Inc. of motivation of Jiangsu river the Huaihe River of North Jiangsu hinterland, it is our country the first break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties has reversed trade of small-sized and general gasoline engine the enterprise of these two heights. As a result of river the Lu Zhiju of monarch of cut into a mountain that move, leading our country the function of whole of general gasoline engine, progress that discharges a level, just narrowed step by step with the difference between Euramerican day business, till compare a shoulder with international tycoons,walk.
Since 2000, river move begin batch to produce home's rare at that time high compression ratio to carry buy valve on the head (OHV) four-stroke is small-sized and general gasoline engine. To open an international market, river moved company of imports and exports to create agency in the United States. It is good that a message that agency working personnel sends let a river moving and excited period of time: The whole world is small-sized and general year of demand of gasoline engine be in 40 million - 50 million or so, among them the United States is as high as 20 million - 25 million, future is very long inside period of time, the United States will be become river move gasoline engine to export the biggest target market. But the 2nd message that transmits subsequently irrigates the excitement with moving river almost destroy: The product should enter American market, the EPA that must obtain arrange of American federal environmental protection to issue arranges attestation letter; And the CARB that carries out in California discharges a standard, outclass United States is other the standard of 49 cities. The river is moving take the family's level contrast, never mention it CARB, compare with EPA standard photograph namely, small-sized and general gasoline engine still has home very big difference!
However, these technical camp, did not frighten dare be the world first the river is moving. Long-term since, river use the technology that leading domestic internal-combustion engine the industry all the time innovation tide, ever took the lead in popularizing technology of straight gush combustion in our country, raise one-cylinder diesel engine significantly energy-saving level; Take the lead in popularizing crankshaft bearing scroll to change in the round, get industry technology again trendy; Development goes a batch to approve low discharge, the diesel engine of low noise, holding the summit that the industry innovates.
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