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Shandong country endowment appoint director Tan Chengyi inspects hill to push
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Recently, shandong saves national endowment appoint director Tan Chengyi comes all right hill advances a working survey. Zhou Hong of deputy mayor of aid peaceful city is accompanied visited firm this department to assemble minute of factory, small loose hill to push push international career garden with hill. The high-level leader that hill is versed in group, hill pushs joint-stock company, hill to turn mechanical company pushs a large building in hill 4 buildings assembly room entered have an informal discussion.
Tan Chengyi says after listening to hill to turn the report of the company, when will development put forward to ask henceforth with respect to the enterprise: Above all business development strategy should be carried out adamantinely, the core that develops the strategy as the enterprise works, be perfected stage by stage and rise. Next advocate consciousness of course of study wants sturdy, bulldozer represented hill to promote a brand, want to be core with bulldozer, extend other project machine, want to pay attention to economic benefits, put limited natural resources in the respect of company core. The project machine manufacturer that should become internationalization in order to develop next again is a target, find out the difference with international transnational corporation, make a significant step. Master international information, science is decision-making, improve product core technology, make the product enters high-end market. Should make full use of capital runs a resort, execute and be bought or recombine, stimulative company grows quickly. Want to advance an enterprise to innovate independently energetically additionally, according to market principle, had done produce learn to grind to be developed jointly, take construction of skilled personnel team seriously, introduce the hi-tech talent that suits business development truly.
Tan Chengyi still points out, make construction of good business culture, should unite idea idea to the enterprise go among development, build the innovation mechanism that gets used to the market and system, make the enterprise has energy more. Hill is versed in the group wants to control good equity venture, how does research increase state-owned equity proportion. Hill is versed in the group regards machine of complete province project as bibcock enterprise, want to consider how to develop project machine property in complete province, how to make industry of machinery of Shandong province project do by force big.