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Shandong saves national endowment appoint director Tan Chengyi comes all right h
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On August 28, save national endowment appoint director Tan Chengyi comes to a company to undertake working survey all right. Zhou Hong of deputy mayor of aid peaceful city is accompanied visited firm this department to assemble minute of factory, small loose hill to push push international career garden with hill. The high-level leader that hill is versed in group, hill pushs joint-stock company, hill to turn mechanical company pushs a large building in hill 4 buildings assembly room entered working have an informal discussion.
In have an informal discussion, zhang Xiuwen general manager developed the respect such as development of course, current situation, product, future to make a report with respect to the company. He says, at present hill is pushed had achieved produce per year bulldozer 1000 stage, pedrail cover machine of 4500 stage, road surface 27000 times, hydraulic changes quadrature implement cover 50000 times, transmission is covered 15000 times, project machine is four-wheel 450000 covered engineering capability. This year aseismatic in providing disaster relief, hill is pushed to disaster area contribution 4.26 million yuan, got the ministry of national irrigation works, bulletin that saves two class governments of city commends. 2007 company advocate battalion income achieves 4.26 billion yuan, foreign trade exports 160 million dollar, the enterprise presents the development state that rises steadily. Current, hill is pushed already entered the industry such as machine of road machinery, industrial traffic, small-sized project, construction machinery. The product changes ceaselessly, the technology maintains home to precede with international of press close to advanced level.
Dong Ping president says in the speech, hill is versed in the profit of 90% comes from the group to be pushed at hill, the group will be pushed with hill regard development as platform, shift channel of brand, sale, service and development strategy by right of hill, had made long-term progress. Hill is pushed show advantage of level oneself interior and inferior position through serious analysis, grasp the opportunity of exterior development from strategic height, put forward " expand advocate course of study, extend new job; Profit of integrated resource, seed manages; Develop in coordination, blend in international " develop the strategy in the near future. In the near future, hill is pushed base oneself upon at project machinery industry, do make big project machine by force advocate course of study, elevate the market competitive ability and gain level, extend new job dovishly, widen catenary of project machinery industry; Implementation brand, technology, service, financial, market, make the synergism that waits for resource, in the industry tycoon of as mechanical as international project industry is collective on joint-stock collaboration develop and progress.
In speak of the Shanghai BMW this year exhibiting when the meeting, dong Ping president says, hill is pushed will meet with be being exhibited this for chance, the big the main chance that learns skill of international tycoon product as, seek difference hurried promotion. The company will have more than 10 kinds of products to attend showpiece, the new product of two kinds of core that rolls out hill to turn Hunan nature company appears exhibit meeting. Direct always say, hill is pushed in order to rely on research and development and representative two large dominant positions, improve product quality and technology, quicken innovation pace, implementation hill is pushed long-term, continuously, stable, healthy progress, tycoon of as will mechanical as international project industry progresses jointly, turn mountain make the project machine that makes internationalization create a company.
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