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Hill pushs forklift product to obtain exit product quality clearance
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Recently, shandong discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau pushs for hill issued inside light balance type forklift to export product quality clearance (number: 2008128024) , the mark is worn hill pushed forklift product to obtain the permit that enters an international market.
Counterbalance type forklift is lighted inside (≤ 3.0t) the new generation performance that is company own research and development is advanced, high configuration, high reliability product, be what new job extends in be being carried out to company strategy is specific reflect, show production to manage already entered benign loop state gradually. Concern a provision according to the country, the exit of mechanical and electrical products needs to take export product quality clearance Fang Kejin to enter an international market. The company is in the middle ten days of a month will offer application handling card in July, will pass condition of aid peaceful discrepancy to examine on July 23 the prejudication of quarantine bureau; On August 28, shandong discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau expedites group of examine and verify to undertake spot examine and verify to the company, conclusion of examine and verify is: Hill pushs joint-stock company quality to manage a system to be able to last, move effectively, each process all manages controlled position.
Hill pushs forklift to export the taking of quality clearance, push product in big strides to march toward international market open up for hill passageway of a green.