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Large award of Liuzhou of contest of world bright and beautiful surpasses motorb
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World bright and beautiful surpasses 2008F1 motorboat " on steam is general cup of 5 water chestnut " Chinese Liuzhou large award surpasses surpassing have " Long Cheng " the Guangxi Liuzhou that say undertakes, this station match is motorboat of F1 of 2008 sports season a station match that contest of world bright and beautiful is in China, a station match that hand of more than 20 contest is in China perform a passion 4 shoot, on the water of wonderful unsurpassed big fight. Liu Gong serves as one of sponsors of this second contest, with its excellent service and full enthusiasm are the consummation of this second contest to put on important chip, explained the mental concept that is brave in to assume social responsibility as state-owned and large company very well.

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