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Worker of Nuo power company is growing promote a county " numerical control lath
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On September 18, 2008, society of prefectural federation of trade unions, county and labor safeguard bureau were held 2008 ' long promote a county " numerical control lathe work, electric welder " contest of worker technical ability, my company worker obtains beautiful accomplishment in this match.

This second match teachs a center to hold in the senior post that promote a county, after ballot, players begin academic exam above all, they are making examination paper seriously inside examination room, ad cool-headedly, just like is in the students of school. Carry out operation match namely next, the match round round undertaking.

Second match is here medium, my company worker acquires a group the 2nd beautiful accomplishment. Among them person of outstanding talent of metalworking workshop banquet catchs individual of numerical control lathe work second-class award, reward 300 yuan; Shi Jinding wins third class award, reward 200 yuan. Pan of electric welding workshop jumps over Qing Dynasty, Wang Haiwei to all win award of third class of electric welder individual, each reward 200 yuan, pan Yueqing, Wang Haiwei still is obtained " expert of the senior technology that promote a county " title.

This second match reflected social all circles to be opposite not only of quality of worker technical ability take seriously, also make clear what our worker also takes oneself skill seriously more and more to rise. Behead of pass a barrier of my company worker will, show itself in numerous player, the quality of worker individual technical ability that shows our company is higher and higher also.