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Jade bavin group holds internal-combustion engine outfit to try mechanic fact to
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On October 17, the group held internal-combustion engine outfit to try mechanic fact to hold a contest in service center of sale firm client.
Company of one hair factory, 2 hair factory, 3 hair factory, power in all 35 players play the game, match content is internal-combustion engine tear open install and try machine. The specific fact of the match holds content and requirement to smoke a problem to decide before contest by the player. Before opening contest, rao Yingxian was made arouse speech, each player also has made sufficient preparation already. Rao Yingxian of chairman of jade bavin union, groom 10 thousand sound orchid come to central director to the spot, look carefully at a player carefully to handle match case actually.
Inspect surpasses personnel to announce the match begins, players start work with respect to everybody each immediately operation, a wonderful internal-combustion engine outfit tries machine operation technology to undertaking in order than spelling insecurity greatly. This contest, compare a skill not only, compare rate even, can finish engine outfit to who try in the shortest time is a winner. Each player goes all lengths, develop oneself standard hard, strive to obtain exceedingly good result in the match.
Organizing committee of contest of skill of match result classics is evaluated strictly, will announce at the near future.