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Force establishs celebration 70 years to actor
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Japanese conveyer company limited is the closest on October 6 in Kyoto a hotel held celebration, celebrate its to hold water 70 years.
The personnel that attends this celebration has more than 900, the colleague inside employee of the employee that includes to come from Kyoto headquarters and grow congratulate factory, former company and course of study. After reviewing the company's brilliant history, everybody is lifted together cup wish company future is like bright and beautiful.

NFS celebrates it to hold water 10 years

Shanghai force will create limited company to actor forklift on October 18 (NFS) the factory that is in Shanghai and hotel hold celebration, celebrate it to hold water 10 years. Associate of the client that will join celebration before they are right, business and delegate of loose river municipal government express warm reception.  

On celebration, the support that the member honored guests of NFS go represents the gratitude of from the bottom of one's heart, hope they will continue to support power henceforth to actor.