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Collect of bavin of jade of the Communist Party of China manages congress opens
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Dry,crisp air of autumn, orange osmanthus waves sweet. On October 16, the 4th times congress is in limited company of group of machine of bavin of jade of Chinese Communist Guangxi center of jade bavin culture opens.
Atmosphere of center of jade bavin culture is grand and enthusiastic. Suspension of rostrum upper part is worn " limited company of group of machine of bavin of jade of Chinese Communist Guangxi the 4th congress " the banner is marked all the more. The aureate party badge that rostrum midpoint hangs high, below the set off of two side red flag Yi Yi is born brightness. Before rostrum, the flower blooms, greenery clusters round, vibrant.
Congress should attend a delegate 250 people, ask for leave due to illness on business 9 people, solid to 241 people, accord with formulary number.
Municipal government of jade forest municipal Party committee is right generation of the 4th party meets jade bavin hold care very much and take seriously.
Yan Ping, Li Tiansheng, Gu Tangsheng, Zhang Jiasha, Liang Ping, Ceng Shijiang, Rao Yingxian and the city leadership that attend plenary meeting are in seating of rostrum in front of. Other presidium member is in rostrum seating.
In the morning 8 when make, congress is in magnificent " national anthem of People's Republic of China " the grand opening in sound. Zhang Jiasha chairs congress opening ceremony.
Liu Zifu of vice secretary of municipal Party committee is held to the victory of congress on behalf of municipal Party committee, municipal government express enthusiastic congratulation, the contribution that be 3 civilized construction of jade forest city to make 6 years to jade bavin offerred sufficient affirmation. Liu Zifu says, jade bavin is the one side banner that Yu Lin is versed in industry grows, yu Lin should make what famous city of medium and small businesses cannot leave jade bavin drive, the one branch that Yu Lin wants to realize Cong Yuchai alone beautiful the structural adjustment to luxuriantly green of 10 thousand wood and industry upgrade, need jade bavin more prop up. Jade bavin wants to be able to be chance with this party generation, implement scientific progress concept in the round, advance energetically " strong Chai Xingyu " of the strategy carry out, continue to carry the development state with driving enterprise. The hope takes the place of in this party on the meeting be about to the Yu Chaixin that the election produces a Party committee, discipline appoint team, with brand-new spiritual outlook, unite and guide Party member of Yu Chaiquan body and extensive staff, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise further, the great progress that achieves jade bavin, big span, it is society of economy of jade forest city good rapid development make larger contribution.
Municipal Party committee organized Kui of ministry undersecretary Pan Jing to make a speech on the meeting,
Limited company of group of machine of bavin of jade of Guangxi of Chinese Communist of Yan Ping's representing the 3rd committee makes a problem be to congress " carry out goes " green develops harmonious win-win " core concept, to make " bavin of jade of outstanding character international " and make arduous efforts " report.
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