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Jiang Huai weighs labour to develop activity of series quality month
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We will receive countrywide quality month again in September fall, jiang Huai is versed in again closely around quality month " the foundation that quality safety is social harmony " the theme developed series activity.
For solid and effective develop quality month activity, company leader takes seriously highly, keep a department character early plan, the course discusses adequately, make at the beginning of the month, allotted plan of detailed quality month activity. The activity plans to include: Quality grooms education and conduct propaganda; The propulsion of system and standard; Tool method and market serve; Quantity of product solid material improves 4 aspects 38 projects. Make clear a promotion complete a key that quality of post product objective regards quality month as the activity. On the quality regular meeting at the beginning of the month, make clear responsibility unit, implemented plan of quality month activity.
One of window of quality month activity: Feel every employee to pass market crisis, transform thereby the motivation that is promotion product quality, the 43 quality problem that Xu Guifeng general manager asks to will visit the market to collect is nodded, by departmental him door claim, complete a difference that reviews quality work, seek the means that solves quality problem. Very fast, each workshop, branch lifted the active claim, upsurge that solves quality problem instantly, discuss to crossing quality problem of the branch to communicate each other, it is better to make 43 qualities problem got fulfil and rectify and reform further.
In quality month activity, ministry of canal of look forward to organizes the unit such as ministry of center of sale company, technology, production, to " ad of Shan head agency applies for to examine and approve sheet pressing to amount to a few months " , " Shenzhen is mixed greatly 3 class of 10T lag of time of delivery of 6 meters of forklift " , " the Huaihe River installs Ke Jianghe Nantong Jiang Huai serve time is protracted " waited for 6 quality case to undertake, distinguish responsibility, make rectify and reform the measure, processing to relevant personnel specificly, in complete member in caused bigger shake.
In quality month activity, heavy industry of river the Huaihe River still organized middle-level cadre to begin " quality of word of quality the middle of a month " activity. All cadre combines post duty profundity to recognize the value that quality works, those who think it is the most important to catch quality to work still is to should be accomplished " essence of life, fine, solid, severe, accurate, firm " ; And work attentively, raise working quality is product quality promotion to assure ceaselessly; After the difference that reviews the respect such as force of respective crisis consciousness, study, executive force, should pay attention to what the action plans to carry out more. Company leader, be assigned personal responsibility for leads the dry study experience in be opposite to chase a check and approve to comment on.
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