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On October 17, government of provincial Party committee, province holds complete province to advance own innovation and construction to add up to mussel of overgrown with weeds to innovate independently in Hefei division of test of reform of integrated form a complete set arouses congress. The main task of the conference is, with the party seventeen big, seventeen 3 in plenary meeting and Hu Jintao's secretary-general inspect Anhui serious talk spirit is guidance, carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, summary develops experience, manage Qing Dynasty develops train of thought, unite thought understanding, perfect policy measure, start mussel adding up to overgrown with weeds to innovate independently construction of division of test of reform of integrated form a complete set, initiate complete province further new phase of own innovation job, drive economic society good rapid development.
Wang Jinshan of secretary of Anhui provincial Party committee publishs serious talk. Wang Sanyun of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor moderates and make important speech. Central discipline appoint, central organization ministry is perambulatory Fang Fengyou of group group leader, the province leads Wang Ming fleabane of square, Duan Duihou, Zang Shikai, Liu Chunliang, Zhan Xia Lai, Zhu Weifang, Yellow Sea, Tang Chengpei, Xie Anxiang, plum. Sun Zhigang of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor is chaired afternoon the conference. Vice-governor Ni sent division read out " government of people of provincial Party committee of Anhui of the Communist Party of China, the Anhui province about commending the decision of innovation of the Anhui province enterprise " with " the decision that government of people of the Anhui province omits science and technology to reward completely about 2007 year. Congress to obtain the Anhui province the Guo Guangcan academician of award of achievement of great science and technology and Fan Gao decide a researcher to award prize, commended the enterprise of name of award of progress of 2007 year science and technology and innovation of the Anhui province company, unit and individual.
According to government of provincial Party committee, province " the decision that about commending the Anhui province starts new-style business " , grant Anhui forklift group 10 companies such as finite liability company " award of innovation of the Anhui province enterprise " title, award prize each 1 million yuan, with commending the enterprise innovates independently in promotion the Anhui province ability respect made outstanding contribution.
Like-minded delegate company accepts nation of Yang An of Anhui forklift group commend, made " own innovation leads unremitting industry technology progress " congress model makes a speech, got branch of province straight director and the positive assessment of delegate attending the meeting are mixed approbate.
Come 50 years, anhui forklift group makes innovation platform continuously, begin produce learn to grind collaboration, promote basic research capability ceaselessly; Point high-end skill from beginning to end, hold to own brand, insist to lead an industry development current; Research and development of component of ceaseless aggrandizement core, large change much breed to form competitive advantage, it is in order to revitalize ethical equipment manufacturing industry oneself. Below current and complex external environment, it is to catch the system of innovation of innovation of grip good sense, science and technology and system innovation more innovation project, high-quality goods of base oneself upon is tasted newly, collect mass promotion, implement high-quality goods project continuously, for join forces health steady progress laid solid foundation.
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