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Domestic forklift enterprises gradually establish the international market
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In recent years, the production of forklift trucks, sales of 30% to 40% average annual rate of growth is expected to end by 2010 annual sales of forklift trucks in China will exceed 12 million units, catching up with the total loader, making construction machinery The other categories of products. At present, China's forklift industry after years of development, has been in the international markets, especially North America, EU and other developed countries and regions, a firm foothold in the market, leading companies are building new marketing system and service system to improve its market share continued to expand conditions.
Forklift truck sales, the usually need to continue the service, the timeliness and quality of service are also important factors of customer purchases. Currently, China already has some enterprises in the major countries and regions, the market established a relatively perfect after-sales service network for sustainable development has laid a good foundation. Shandong Guangming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a corporate restructuring in 2005 by the military into a private enterprise, main products exported to the U.S. truck and Canada, more than 30 countries and regions, the Viking light truck brands to its excellent value for money as the top ten best-selling brand in the Middle East . Products to market beginning, the company hired Viking Century Jinglun brand agencies in planning and entire management of the brand, launched the "five" service project management standards, that the main components of the 1 year warranty, service response time of not more than 1 day products sold within a week return visit to the user at least 1, the product sold at least 1 year of visits to customers, products sold life track maintenance services.
"We are such a commitment, but also to do so, although the pre-investment is very large, but the only way to do the service in order to continuously drive sales." Zhang Xiaofeng, general manager, said. Chinese market, the domestic configuration of forklift companies are similar, affordable type dominant. However, said Zhang Xiaofeng, even though it is foreign occupation of the forklift has been high-end market, but as the domestic truck industry, technology improvement, performance improvement, domestic trucks can also participate in the competition of the field .
Industry experts believe that the domestic forklift company's products in order to enter the international market, we must break through multiple checkpoints. The first is related certification, the availability of trucks on international standards for product certification is a major export difficulties, including CE certification mark is to be allowed to pass into the EU market, both in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries can be very good export effect, made the countries of forklift certification is a key product to enter these markets.