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Anhui Heli excellent performance of the leading forklift industry
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1. Corporation is a leading forklift truck industry, production and marketing for 19 years to maintain the same industry first, the occupation each year more than one third of the domestic market. In 2009, Anhui Forklift Group, the world's forklift manufacturing line No. 8. 2. The domestic truck industry will maintain rapid growth in market demand, driving forklift industry There are two major factors: 1.'s Economic development brought about by the increase in the total logistics of the whole society; 2. Labor costs to increase. China's logistics industry is still in its infancy, has enormous development potential, the next few years, the total logistics of the whole society will maintain rapid growth, and thus to the forklift industry development has brought broad demand for space, not In the coming years the industry will maintain an average annual domestic forklift around 20% growth. 3. Strong recovery in performance of the company, the domestic truck industry driven high economic performance of the company increased significantly. First half of the total domestic sales of 11,121 units forklift, an increase of 87.18%, driving the company sales reaching record highs, the forklift industry The sales income of 1.92 billion business, up 82%. Meanwhile, the gross margin to increase substantially over the first half of the company forklift product gross margin 20.29%, compared to last year to significantly increase 6.65 percentage points. 4. Land purchasing and storage potential trading opportunities, in December 2009 the company released the "old factory land purchasing and storage company matters related to the motion before," the announcement, the company is located in the old factory Wangjiang Road 15, Hefei, 156 acres of industrial Land, in accordance with the land policy and government planning requirements, the company will be led by Ann fork with government and related departments to discuss purchasing and storage issues. As the current market price of the land cost has increased substantially over, if the land purchasing and storage along Lee conducted, so the company will bring more non-operating income, the company may have some trading opportunities. 5. After calculation, 2010,2011 company expects earnings per share were 0.99 yuan, 1.24 yuan, 1.41 yuan, current stock price, the corresponding 2010, 2011,2012 on the level of the dynamic price-earnings ratio divided 19,15,14 times At a low position, giving the company "recommended" rating.