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Factory owners for compensation without a license drive a forklift run over 4
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陆某 in Yongtai County operates a stainless steel plant, forklift workers to resign after his driver's license to emergency situations in the absence of driving under the truck carrying the goods, the result will be a pedestrian run over by careless handling.陆某 after the incident the deceased's family 460,000 yuan compensation, gain understanding. November 19, where the steel mill truck 陆某 workers suddenly resigned. Short period of time, could not find a suitable replacement 陆某, looking at the mountains of cargo is loaded on the trucks are not carried away, he worried. Panic, no forklift driving license 陆某 has decided to battle. He thought driving forklift in the factory district is not an accident, so take a chance. Handling cargo in the truck driving in a corner office, crushed by a passing Mengmou 陆某. After the incident, 陆某 XingJu.陆某 the family and the families of the factory positive contact Mengmou compensation of 46 million, the two sides signed a letter of understanding. Yongtai County Procuratorate took over the case that although the alleged serious accidents 陆某 crime, but is criminal negligence, a good attitude after appearing in court, families of the victims said they did not pursue criminal and civil liability 陆某, so he made as appropriate the decision not to arrest.