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Held together Anhui Forklift Loader Dealer Conference 2010
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December 20 morning, the group held together loader dealers 2010 General Assembly. From Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Ningxia, Anhui, more than 32 representatives of the 50 dealers gathered in Hefei. Group Chairman Zhang Jin, Bai Xue, general manager of joint-stock companies, joint stock company deputy general manager Wang Liang attended the meeting, head of Mao Chunxiang Loader Division, Xiawan Jun, Zhao Xiaolin, and Sales and related departments attended the meeting. In 2010, in the fierce international competition loader market situation, the force led loader correct decision in the company, they take effective measures to meet the market demand, and through all the dealers worked hard, 1 - November 2009 cumulative sales volume grew 66.8%, 56.2% more than the industry growth rate . Another sales record. One configuration with the advanced technical level of the force made me 50G high-performance car, 50E Model, 35E car sales grew by 69.4%, 85.5% and 34.1%. At the same time, give full play to force the export import and export company network platform, 1-11 exports in 2009 grew more than 223.5 percent. In order to further improve the sales area, increase the intensity of dealer management team, together with the efforts in recent years, co-loader dealer development totaled 50, so that the whole team together loader dealers continued to improve, the market area has been further expanded its market share increase year by year. Minister Mao Chunxiang loader market in 2010 at the profile and sales force loader was introduced in 2010, the "five-second" period and helping the domestic market conditions loader loaders development plan targets for 2011 were prospects . Zhang Jin, chairman, delivered an important speech, his long time to force the dealer to pay for the development of the loader to express my sincere thanks to hard work. After a brief introduction of the "Eleventh Five-Year" and the prospect of construction machinery in China since the "second five" industry development and production and operation of Anhui Heli sales this year, the overall situation and achieved good results, he pointed out that the fight will be in the "five-second "do a good job on the main product development, and strive to make construction machinery, loader scale, from the Group's development strategy, the loader is still force the development of key industries, the company will invest capital, efforts to loaders and related construction machinery development of unremitting efforts. For 2011 to around the market, improve product quality, to force loader industry bigger and stronger, he asked, a quality improvement to strengthen management control loaders for dealers to provide good service and quality products; Second, we must pay attention to the advanced enterprise learning and accelerate technological progress, to make joint efforts together with the loader to match the brand; three improvements to strengthen the development of new models. Technical and quality departments to listen to the recommendations of dealers, to improve and enhance the quality of our products to meet market demand. He hoped that the dealers are trying to do their own work, set a good idea of long-term cooperation, achieve long-term interests of the concept, the concept of win-win cooperation and honest philosophy. At the same time these ideas reflected in the course of our cooperation, daily operations, only way to become a good relationship between firms in order to achieve both development and growth. He wish the dealer in 2011 and together hand in hand together for the loader to the development of force to make a positive contribution. At the meeting, read out the loader 2010 in recognition of outstanding dealer decision. Leadership of the company's award-winning dealer for the awards. Invited the relevant person in charge of the finance company finance leasing business processes and methods. Shun Chong outstanding dealers on behalf of Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi Sheng, chairman PROCEEDINGS Engineering Machinery Company co Wang speeches.