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Practical and new-style patent: Extensive aim humorous hangs Pu of Piao of raco
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Application date: 88203487.1 applies for day: 1988.02.23 name: System of control of hydraulic pressure of a kind of fixture makes public (announcement) date: CN2035014 makes public (announcement) day: 1989.03.29 advocate classify date: F15B11/16 cent case files order formerly: Classify date: F15B11/16 promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Address of Xiamen forklift total factory: Road of standing grain of a tall building of town of Fujian Province Xiamen invents 883 numbers (design) person: International of Zhou Zimin applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Procuratorial: Summary

Hydraulic pressure of a kind of fixture controls a system. System of control of this hydraulic pressure can make the two clip body of fixture already can joint action, can part again movement, and clip maintains pressure attainable adjust or control. This system controls one-way a powerful person, an overflow a powerful person and indispensible hydraulic pressure by a reversal valve of two groups of an oil pump, multichannel, fluid complementary composition, make the hydraulic pressure oil path of fixture simplifies, make, maintenance cost is reduced, reduce fault rate, facilitate use intensive to turn technology and big batch production. This are practical and new-style can use at clamping apparatus of forklift accessory clamp, machine tool to wait for the situation that involves object clip to hold.

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