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Practical and new-style patent: Zheng of の joyous Di is violet guide commonpla
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Application date: 88206209.3 applies for day: 1988.05.26 name: Duplex operation many device of treatment of axial aperture department makes public (announcement) date: CN2041218 makes public (announcement) day: 1989.07.19 advocate classify date: B23B39/16 cent case files order formerly: Classify date: B23B39/16;B23B47/30 promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Hangzhou forklift total factory address of association of science and technology: Stadium district of city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou invents 8 numbers (design) person: International of of Cha Peizhang of clear; of He Miao of Wang Xianfu; applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Zhejiang saves patent office agent: Lin Baotang