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Practical and new-style patent: Joke of fawn on of of Ping lamp Hu subtles fade
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Application date: 200620088950.5 applies for day: 2006.01.11 name: Rise since forklift with inside monoculture of the type that answer oil makes public with piston crock (announcement) date: CN2861120 makes public (announcement) day: 2007.01.24 advocate classify date: B66F9/22(2006.01)I cent case files order formerly: Classify date: B66F9/22(2006.01)I promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Dalian forklift is finite liability company address: Well of pleasant of city of Dalian of 116036 Liaoning province child auspicious street invents area battalion 18 numbers (design) person: International of of Zhang Lijie of; of Zang Chuanmin of; of Shi Hui of; of Lin Shu of Jiang Xiubo; applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Dalian 10 thousand friendly patent offices are procuratorial: Summary of king hair

Rise since a kind of forklift with inside crock of piston of only action of the type that answer oil, its feature depends on: Can direct inside edge crock canister cover litre of falling piston lever lower end to set room of air of straight aperture form, set on the sidewall of this piston lever connect the oily aperture of air room and piston lever antrum, the floor that can rise falling piston along crock canister sets the one-way a powerful person that can be interlinked with room of piston lever air. Compare with existing technology photograph, the good point that glib style monoculture winds to use piston jar inside is: A vitta is received outside notting have, eliminated the leakage oily hidden danger that answers vitta, and do not have an oily pipeline again arrange an issue. Use on the triple mast of forklift inside the monoculture that answer oil uses piston jar, in systematic pressure changeless circumstance falls, can reduce the volume of oil cylinder of the first class not only, can reduce the volume of oil cylinder of the 2nd class again at the same time, make the eye shot sex of mast rises, easily of mast pipeline decorate.

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