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Practical and new-style patent: Steal egg high and steep
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Application date: 200620078775.1 applies for day: 2006.04.07 name: Gather up slag car gathers up the head is open (announcement) date: CN2905819 makes public (announcement) day: 2007.05.30 advocate classify date: C22B1/00(2006.01)I cent case files order formerly: Classify date: C22B1/00(2006.01)I promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Address of factory of forklift of join forces of chicken of treasure of Inc. of Anhui join forces: Road of blessing of treasure of city of chicken of treasure of 721001 Shaanxi province invents 127 numbers (design) person: Magnify of Lei Haiyang; celebrates international of of; Liu Jinpeng to apply for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Office of patent of new invention of treasure chicken city is procuratorial: Careless of Xi Shuwen; is red east summary

This practical and new-style one of belonging to exercise car gathers up slag car gathers up first, its have two to gather up head body (1) , its key is to use muscle board (2) gathers up two head body (1) join is an organic whole, and gather up head body (1) and muscle board (join through soldering between 2) . This practical and new-style will gather up slag car gathers up first by structure of weldment of instead of integral cast structure. Avoided the problem that gathers up to broken bits head is out of shape because of encountering high temperature often and rupture. Such, reducing cost while, solved the problem that maintains difficulty again. Be helpful for improving the economic benefits of aluminous factory and social beneficial result.

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