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Practical and new-style patent: Mei of ㄓ of bottom of ┏ of ㄑ of accept of sma
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Application date: 200620093540.X applies for day: 2006.09.29 name: Specific carriage makes public the car sweeping snow that takes system of working motive force (announcement) date: CN200952128 makes public (announcement) day: 2007.09.26 advocate classify date: E01H5/04(2006.01)I cent case files order formerly: Classify date: E01H5/04(2006.01)I promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Bright and beautiful city address of of limited company of forklift of 10 thousand force: 121001 Liaoning visit region of Yan'an of area of ancient tower of city of bright and beautiful state 2 paragraphs of 118 date inventions (design) person: International of Chang Gongming applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Office of benefit of three-year institution of higher learning of constant of bright and beautiful city is procuratorial: The car sweeping snow that summary of Chen Ming takes system of working motive force one kind specific carriage, solved have batholith of the car that sweep snow tall, walk vibratile, and the problem with insufficient power; It includes frame, front axle, rear, control system, turn to system and travel to take dynamical system, walk dynamical system is formed by reducer of fuel engine and hydraulic, fuel engine passes hydraulic reducer and join of front axle photograph, control system and travel ambulate before power system is reached, join of phase of plant of rear apply the brake, change system and rear photograph to join, its special place is, frame installs advanced bridge and rear to go up directly, still contain on frame system of working motive force, system of working motive force is formed by working fuel engine and device of working hydraulic pressure, device of working hydraulic pressure combines gasoline tank of a powerful person, hydraulic pressure and hydraulic pressure oil to join the canal is formed by hydraulic pump, job, working fuel engine and hydraulic pump photograph join, hydraulic pump joins through hydraulic pressure oil canal and hydraulic pressure gasoline tank and photograph of working combination a powerful person join, combine a powerful person to provide power to sweep snow plant through the job.