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Practical and new-style patent: Extensive faithful racoon dog in all Zhuang You
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Application date: 200620156204.5 applies for day: 2006.11.01 name: The forklift that a kind of hydraulic pressure operates makes public (announcement) date: CN200967726 makes public (announcement) day: 2007.10.31 advocate classify date: B66F9/06(2006.01)I cent case files order formerly: Classify date: B66F9/06(2006.01)I;B66F9/075(2006.01)I promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Address of Xiamen forklift total factory: The road austral mouth of fill of area of Jimei of city of Xiamen of 361023 Fujian Province invents 668 numbers (design) person: International of of Huang Shihuang of; of Wang Yukun of; of Chen Huanran of; of Wu Yonghua of Shi Yunsheng; applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: Gentleman of Xiamen city initiate adds up to agent of of patent office limited company: Summary of of Zhang Songting of Pan Guoqing; this practical and new-style the forklift that a kind of hydraulic pressure operates, involve the forklift that fork can undertake declining rising falling athletic relative to chassis. It is easy when exercise to solve fork the problem of rock. This forklift has a batholith, the installation on chassis has a 4 wheels, drive and hydraulic pressure controller and weigh an operation to undertake rising and rise fall athletic fork; The front connection of chassis by inside mast, outer mast and the lift mast that lifting jack comprises; Lifting jack is installed inside between mast and outer mast, fork installs mast inside to go up, outer mast bottom sets bend inclined shaft and chassis front transverse join with a hinge; On chassis installation has overhead guard, tilt between the upside that oil cylinder installs the coping frame in overhead guard and outer mast with the means of join with a hinge. Get as a result of outer mast in athletic process of overhead guard prop up, tilt the installs the position to be far from outer mast bend inclined shaft of oil cylinder, although fork bears the weight of weight is greater, the angle of rock is very small also.