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The invention is patent: Change dish of forklift
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Change dish of forklift

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Zhang Jianjun


028000 Nei Monggol Autonomous Regions open Ou Yongqing avenue of ooze of Er of distant city family bureau of statistic of 102 municipal government

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Zhang Jianjun

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Office of attorney of Beijing business peaceful


Zou Fang heart

This invention involves a kind to carry car, namely one kind changes dish of forklift. goods the code is put on tray, carry by forklift again assemble and unassemble, can improve work efficiency significantly, but the tray of the generation after carrying is purchased afresh, unused wait for a problem to be solved hard, bring about deliver goods, both sides receiving money is not willing tray is flowed into pour out of, and tray can change when the hope assembles and unassemble. But, the tray of existing forklift cannot change because of goods weigh, restricted pallet traffic consequently. Develop this kind of new-style forklift for this, its characteristic is: The frame of forklift 1 with mast assembly 6 between set can make mast assembly 6 form of a favourable turn is placed to what undertake placing turning between horizontal position in erect position. After forklift entrusts a goods, mast assembly 6 but by erect turn for the level, change erect position regains again after tray, leave the problem that solved pallet traffic existence in the premise of all functions that retain common forklift thereby, suit of all kinds enterprise and goods distribution centre to carry out the demand of pallet traffic particularly.
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