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Practical and new-style patent: Yong of extensive value プ is fully rotten pa of
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Application date: 200620070182.0 applies for day: 2006.03.16 name: of test facilities of to load of oil cylinder of a kind of only action makes public (announcement) date: CN200941087 makes public (announcement) day: 2007.08.29 advocate classify date: G01N3/12(2006.01)I cent case files order formerly: Classify date: G01N3/12(2006.01)I promulgates card day: Lien: Application (patent) person: Address of of limited company of forklift of pacify Jiang Baoli: City of river of pacify of 214500 Jiangsu province is new continent road invents 8 numbers (design) person: International of of Sun Jing Qi applies for: International announces: Enter national date: Patent representative orgnaization: of limited company of representative of brand of patent of Nanjing classics abb is procuratorial: Wei Xuecheng summary

This practical and new-style made public test facilities of to load of oil cylinder of a kind of only action. It includes return of only action oil cylinder, hydraulic pressure, this device base (the installation on 9) has angle iron support (bracket of 1) , bearing (3, 5) and slideway (11) , two monoculture use the oil cylinder that be measured (4, 10) installation is on bearing bracket, angle iron bracket and how to contain between the oil cylinder that be measured adjust bolt (2) , bearing of front of lever of piston of the two oil cylinder that be measured is in gyro wheel bracket (on 6) , slideway (11) is used at gyro wheel bracket (6) is oriented, two are covered (7, 8) is together front of two pistons lever repeatedly. Those who use afore-mentioned structures is practical and new-style, the to load that can undertake 2 monoculture use oil cylinder at the same time experiments, improved work efficiency greatly.

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