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OM forklift safety drives series reports -- assemble and unassemble work require
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Forklift driver divides the performance structure that should be familiar with this forklift outside, still should master assemble and unassemble basic knowledge of the job. These seeing be like simple criterion to often can obtain decisive action however. If can be abided by strictly, can reduce the happening of the contingency in installing discharging content process greatly certainly.
Beginning to assemble and unassemble brake should be checked to whether can work normally before the job, ensure forklift can work normally -- the duty that this is a driver. Must check before every dispatch a vehicle the following everywhere:
Oil storage of 1 examination fuel is measured.
2 examinations vitta, conduit, vent-pipe and each accessory have without leakage phenomenon.
Whether does the capacity of gasoline tank of 3 inspections job reach formulary capacity.
Bolt of 4 examinations wheel tightens firm degree and each tyre pressure to whether reach formulary value.
5 examinations change direction those who reach braking system tube-shaped part is agile live and dependability.
6 examinations are electric whether does circuit have take iron, whether does contact have shake a phenomenon, it is horn, normal to change the lamp, stop lamp and each appearance to the job. After above prepares     job to finish, ability begins the work. If produce fire, should the ability after power cut uses rush to save life and property of machine of bubble put out a fire. Distribution room should be added set wire net, prevent rat to kill.
Need is scrupulous when carrying goods. Do not allow to operate insecure or not stable lade, of goods pile up should notice security and stability, in case the happening of dump and accident of to turn over. If lade,obscured ahead line of sight, drive reversely please. Must not use the money that have drawback or damages dish, so incidental accident. The attention wants goods dish put in special section, must not put at will. Drive need to be in when forklift turning decelerate, cry flute give a warning, collide in case accident. Lift should notice to promote height when tray, because it also will affect the stability of forklift. Also want to notice to avoid big negative charge to operate the harm to forklift at the same time, working for long continuously in the process, should notice to mediate breathing space; If load capacity is insufficient, be sure to change with larger forklift, do not get excess load job.
When forklift mount lorry, the driver should notice the gross weight of forklift, ensure the following item: On / the device of the bridge that record a vehicle of next lorries can be used normally; Lorry tire is chained; Enough space accommodates the mast of forklift, if cannot be accommodated, need a mast and carry of the reload after bodywork is detached to be defeated.
When stevedore, should receive goods size to adjust the distance of fork, the weight of goods should average partake on average by two fork, lest slant,carry or the goods when forklift moves to at the same time surge. Fork enters goods caboodle, forked wall should be contacted with photograph of goods one side, next mast tilting back ward, rise fork to leave the area 200 millimeter are controlled again travel.
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