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OM forklift safety drives one of series reports -- forklift driver requirement
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OM company devotes oneself to to produce high quality forklift product not only, also pay close attention to forklift safety to drive the standard of the respect. Not long ago is particularly compositive safety assembles and unassemble, safety jockeys, safety maintains, of the respect such as emergency measure a series of small stick person, in order to offer reference of the personage inside course of study. This act got each square attention become reconciled criticizes industry, accordingly, OM adds essence of life on original basis fine, the content that drives to forklift safety was made 3 period series report, the hope can serve for broad forklift user better.
Driver everyday with forklift contact with, the education that can say to operate consciousness to the driver's safety matters to exercise safety directly. OM summed up a few safety that are aimed at a driver to handle a demand, this is the powerful weapon of safety of life of safeguard staff member and goods belongings safety.
Above all, without special type forklift grooms and the personnel of accredit must not operate any forklift, drive on highway forklift needs at least B class driving licence. Forklift is operated in working area, must have employer written sign and issue drive license.
Next, the driver do not drive after medicaments and alcohol action, smoking, food and drink is not gotten in travel, this is basic safe operation standard. Drive the construction that the person must understand car and function, familiar operation method and maintain requirement, groom through major, check qualification via concerning a section, grant certificate of approval, just allow separate operation. Forbidden drive without card, exercitation driver must have the driver that hold card to follow car coach, do not get separate operation. Additional, the license that does not have supplier or manufacturer does not get do sth without authorization to change one's costume or dress forklift, in case the function of forklift is damaged.
The 3rd, driving is good safety belt from beginning to end please when forklift, the life that can protect a driver when producing contingency so is safe, reduce harm rate. The driver must be worn when working near forklift defend shoe. According to the individual need adjusts lever of seat, footplate, control and back of a chair, in order to achieve optimal drive the position. If be in,noisy annulus works in the condition -- use please prevent earmuffs to overspread.
In addition, the technical character that the driver should know forklift in time and lade indicator card can lade with understanding forklift what goods and its loading capacity, consult load ability watch. In the meantime, the change that load center is apart from also can affect the loading capacity of forklift, the specification of the is apart from pair of carring capacity ability effect that should notice to leave load center so.
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