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Dynamoelectric forklift uses a note
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The use note of electric car
In moving car to use, report should notice to charge in time to accumulator and be safeguarded correctly of accumulator particularly. The method should notice when accumulator charges, should make accumulator enough already report, cannot cause accumulator excessive to charge again.
In electric car operation, as far as possible little use long Sunday run is quickened, start when car, after speed promotes, live firmly quicken footplate, if road condition is better, car can continue to quicken. When car needs decelerate, loosen quicken footplate, step footplate of apply the brake gently, can make full use of so the energy of decelerate, if car has regenerative braking function, can make the kinetic energy when decelerate is able to reclaim. Car is when ramp be issued to lower levels, do not disconnect the circuit of drive electromotor, step on footplate of next apply the brake gently, make car moves at regenerative braking condition, use the kinetic energy of traffic be issued to lower levels, the energy that reduces accumulator is used up.
Car moves in, do not will " ongoing, retrogression " directional switch regards as by accident turn to switch. Unless need urgent decelerate, do not step footplate of apply the brake after all directly otherwise. Car uses a process in, when discovering batteries n is insufficient (can pass indicator light of short report of n watch, power source and other warning decice to get) , answer to undertake charging to accumulator as soon as possible, prevent accumulator excessive discharge.
Storage battery uses a note
1, storage battery can arise hydric, cause explosion likely, forbidden smoke around storage battery, forbidden any blaze or scintilla arise. Storage battery is sure to be in drafty place when store or charging, but do not be in in convulsions mouth, avoid acerbity mist to cause corrode.
2, storage battery fluid is embedded caustic liquid, cause likely serious and burnable, must avoid to contact the skin, eye or dress. If produce an accident unfortunately, rinse with a large number of clear water instantly please, and fast go to a doctor.
3, be being checked or maintain when storage battery, use balata glove please, avoid to suffer electrical shock.
4, storage battery surface or joint are sure to maintain clean. Dirt, impurity be sure to divide clean with Shi Buqing, meet otherwise leakage of electricity, lead to conflagration even.
5, when clean storage battery, use wet cloth without fail, do not use dry cloth.
6, do not wait with the tool between the anode of storage battery and negative pole be linked together.
7, temperature of the electrolyte when charging does not exceed centigrade 50o, lest electrolyte spills over,cause harm, summer wants to notice especially by day.
8, unplug before storage battery take a percentage of a deal, to avoid to produce scintilla, put out the switch of charger first without fail.
9, electrolyte face is not restricted under lowest, otherwise storage battery is heated up easily, easy burn-up.
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