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OM forklift safety drives series reports -- requirement of forklift care and mai
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To make forklift is in good working position, OM also summed up a series of forklift to maintain for you the point that defends the work. Of forklift maintain safeguard operation cent to be two kinds: Press the care and maintenance that the requirement undertakes and regular care and maintenance.
Before undertaking any care and maintenance work, must finish flow to operate, include: Place forklift decide on plane its won't move suddenly; Put down fork completely; Shut forklift and move except the key; Should press finally pushbutton of urgent apply the brake.
The care and maintenance that undertakes by the requirement needs to inspect a circumstance to undertake, for instance clean forklift, repair or change stale or damaged spare parts.
Among them, the clean frequency of forklift is decided by the use environment of forklift. If forklift contact is excitant strong material, wait like brine, chemical fertilizer, chemical things, cement, must undertake complete cleanness after be used every time. When cleaning, need to use high-pressured air, cold water and cleaner. Can use automobile body of Shi Buqing clean. Do not aim faucet forklift directly, must not use gas kind product or solution undertake cleanness, because these material are likely attaint electron component or plastic component.
Change before light bulb, check fuse first in good condition, and should change the bulb on and attaint bulb are same type certainly. The operating sequence on the manual should be followed in changing process.
Change the wheel should be judged above all when should give change. To pneumatic tire, should give when ply of tire decorative pattern is equal to or be less than 1.6mm change; To solid tyre, should give when tire achieves concessional the biggest wear extent change. This wear extent is spent there is a line to serve as a label in tire flank mark by manufacturer. If forklift is used at wet slippery area, should give namely when ply of tire face figure is less than 1mm change.
To maintain the stability of forklift, this is place of safe operation moving forklift is indispensible, two tire on same axle must be the same as the tire of model with same manufacturer and change at the same time.
Use litre of device forklift drive up, leave completely till tire be changinged till the ground; Additional, undertaking changing when other tire when, should place one content to be below the wheel that keeps at the ground, prevent forklift to slide.
Should change when pneumatic tire, in get off before waiting for changing tire, should enrage it first dropt.
Additional, the forklift of a lot of types can use cell, this is involved about the issue that maintain and defends of batteries at forklift. Use correctly of batteries include to charge correctly, true change is waited a moment, the service instruction that in unit process of cargo bandling we need to abide by batteries will charge for batteries. Undercharge will shorten the service life of batteries. Dai Fang must deserve to protect glasses and glove when operating cell, in disconnect charger is shut above all before batteries joins. Use batteries also wants scrupulous.
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