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Forklift is used in how to avoid safe accident effectively surely
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Motor-driven industry traffic is special: Safe caution implement

It is with the person this, safety first

" safety of motor-driven industry traffic is normative " in specific provision, "Must install the caution unit that can issue clear sound by traffic of the industry that drive pattern " . For this, my company is on the basis that understands client requirement deep, development produced brand-new industrial car special and safe caution implement (horn) . Installed the car such as car of the forklift of this kind of tailor-made horn, drive a vehicle, project, move in the safety such as much home factory, storehouse, supermarket, avoided the happening of safe accident effectively, of the person that use by wide ambassador reputably.

Be aimed at the characteristic of industrial traffic, safe caution implement (horn) designed following functions:

1. Volume size is adjustable

The largest volume achieves 105 decibel, make its are below the environment with the noisiest workshop clear also can hear; The minorrest volume is adjustable to 10