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RFID sheds the application in deserving to send in Kunming tobacco other people
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The global trade competition of 21 centuries already was the individual contend that surmounted the domain such as technology, cost and management not only, it is the integrated competition that each whole world supplies relative superiority or inferiority of catenary actor bad more. Each cross a state business is retail gigantic alligator people supply chain strategy, program, operation management, cent to sell central program, storehouse to plan to wait a moment to its, not hesitate investment is huge endowment, apply current the most advanced science and technology, build fast, efficient operation system. Network of sale of cigarette of Kunming city nicotian firm is built even if spread out in pace of similarly hereinafter of this one setting, through effort of nearly 4 years, built sale center, phone to order goods center of center, electronic settle accounts, content shedding deserves to send center and check service center early or late. Cigarette sale year after year rises steadily, business economic benefits rises substantially.

In the sale the network runs initial stage, because business area supplies catenary operation to tend complete intensive runs state stage by stage, the step up that takes shipment content amount, variety as day and client demand are complex with each passing day, caused manpower resources investment to increase, storage management difficulty is increased, take up capital a lot of the element that goes against intensive to manage. For this, company study draws lessons from storage of foreign advanced company to manage experience, apply wireless radio frequency to identify a technology (RFID) the technology deserves to send a center to undertake storehouse is built be digitlizinged completely to cigarette.

[wireless radio frequency identifies a technology (RFID) principle]

Run goods the unit for basic digitlization with tray, embed on tray namely label of electron of a HF-915MHz. Such both neither affect the exterior quality of goods, raise goods whole to digitlize average unit amount again, facilitate the accurate digitlization that realizes big batch goods manages. Electronic label deserves to send central application in content shedding, it is to be based on digital storehouse to manage application software, computer wireless network technology, modern other people flows stereo wear the implementation such as storehouse thought high.

[digital storehouse RFID uses technological process]

Replenish onr's stock: When entering storehouse through conveyer belt of mouth of replenish onr's stock when goods, news of every tray goods is read through mouth of replenish onr's stock write implement write tray, give freight lot through operation of computer storage management information system next, pass network system to send statement of goods in stock forklift car to hold a system, deposit corresponding freight lot according to the requirement.

Shipment: Forklift receives shipment instruction, to appoint freight lot fork to take tray goods. The forklift before fork is taken is read write implement confirm tray goods accuracy again, send tray goods to shipment mouth conveyer belt next, shipment mouth conveyer belt is read write implement read take tray label news accurate, desired result is not had by accident shipment.
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