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Heavy safety nots allow since small inspect
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According to British health the investigation of the security bureau shows, because problem or person are the safety of crane and elevator to be operated by accident and the marine industry of 90 time caused many safe accident, this among them because did not master to operating a point,a lot of accidents are.

According to international nautical contractor association (IMCA) the report shows, having heavy facility eligibly should be safe and suit its to expect an end. But the fact makes clear, the chain block that great majority is using below marine work environment is standard configuration, these products did not consider special ocean environment technically, be like seawater corrode or other pollution influence, this caused safe hidden trouble for in the future breakdown happening necessarily. This, the height that must cause relevant product manufacturer takes seriously.

Because load is undeserved,the account that a lot of accidents produce is. Because corrode the operation of apply the brake that reachs pollution to be able to increase the least laden place need, and make original equipment produces change. Accordingly, crucial is to ensure exercise of the reentry after load checks qualification is used. When having laden test, the crane that should assure a test moves good, make need more works otherwise. Additional, move to assure successful, should make equipment is in under rated load the condition of 10 % leaves the job. Remember, the load of equipment is bigger, suffer corrode degree more serious. In the meantime, maintaining to the regular maintenance of the product and routine also is the problem that nots allow to ignore.

To prevent the annulus catenary out of control of calabash, have a requirement, it is the pulling force that should stand at least 2.5 times rated negative charge. Alleged and efficient condole goods is hooked, it is an empty runner the last annulus that can convey active force to catenary to go up below tensile action. Handlers can be used easily, can realize when exceeding rated load even appeared wrong operation, because because feel additional active force,the extreme of chain is met and stop to apply pressure.

Lack the understanding of principles of pair of mechanical products plan, it is the main contributing factor that a lot of safe accidents produce; It is not only in marine industry domain, a lot of industries of alive bound each district also are existence, because use medium hand to move calabash,be mostly lax in chain, make whole structure appeared to stop machine or breakdown.

IMCA ever pointed out, a typical annulus catenary calabash must be set in chain endmost automatic stop, but this is far insufficient; The in-house width of annulus catenary is more than the diameter of material slightly even, retain truly enough amortize space; In the meantime, same material also should have different heat treatment and have fight Zhang Jiang differently to spend. But in be being produced actually, see most is by a mild steel the club makes a ring, the annulus that solders even sometimes has not closed on. Just think, if such product is made by the pressure of excess load,use, the result is chain wheel breaks down necessarily, the product drops, produce serious safe accident.
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