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Domestic other people sheds current situation of standardization job progress
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Domestic other people sheds standardization to work progress current situation
2003-8-25 13:19:00
Purchase in economic activity, pack, carry, storage, assemble and unassemble, current treatment, deserve to send constituent to sort each link, modern other people sheds the conformity that will undertake content sheds IT of organization, operation and administrative innovation, application to shed each link to undertake systematization to traditional content, make content sheds an activity to have compositive change, the feature of systematization and network, the carriage that is the depart below traditional pattern no longer, storage, assemble and unassemble the simple combination that waits for content to shed link or content to shed operation. By this token, modern other people flows is one crosses a trade, cross a branch, cross the area, system project that crosses national boundaries even, shed management and technical standard guidance, expedite information exchange and the condition that share a mechanism in normative market order, perfect content only, just raise content to shed the operation efficiency of the enterprise likely, enhance company competition ability.
At present ministry of committee of national standardization management, science and technology reachs the concerned ministries and commissions such as the the Ministry of Communication to be opposite the standardization job that sheds technical photograph to match with modern other people takes seriously very, threw a large number of financial capacity, manpower to undertake the research of relevant specification standard and formulate work, content of Chinese standardization association sheds a technology to standardize a working group (next weighing working group) hold water below demand here just about. The working group will shed the play in standardizing the job to organize harmonious action in content, the research that absorbs content extensively to shed research organization of enterprise, science to participate in content to spread a standard and make the work, make the standard loses contact with reality no longer applied demand. Because participate in an unit to involve an area wide, standard research and it is mature in competition and incorporate things of diverse nature to make, have authority thereby; And the support that the working group also got relevant industry is in charge of a branch, make content sheds standardization to work to produce effect truly.
At present domestic other people sheds the problem that standardization job faces to have: The first, lack the contemporary thing that has direct sense to spread national standard system and crucial level, content shedding is nonstandard masked equipment, establishment, information expresses and noise of information exchange severe double image sheds company operation efficiency to content. The 2nd, content shedding involves numerous industry and technical major field, those who need standard of field of disparate industry and much technology major is harmonious and unified. The 3rd, how as compatible as international standard with join.
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