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The end does not have face of Bureau of Standards " level of content shedding sy
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The end does not have standard situation " content spreads systematic level " come on stage inside year
"As " domain of foreign investment business runs way " carry out formally, of foreign capital swarm into the flying development that is sure to drive domestic other people to shed line of business, the country inside year " level of content shedding system " hopeful comes out, content sheds an industry to do not have the end the situation of national level, " yesterday, countrywide content sheds Meng Guojiang of secretary-general of standardization technology committee to be in " Asia-Pacific content sheds a height to meet " on when accepting our newspaper reporter interview, express so.
Meng Guojiang is analysed, after foreign capital enters domestic business field, its him or is built deserve to send a center, or support sheds a business in Chinese content, the as a result of not familiar our country particular case when foreign capital just is entered, build oneself difficulty with deserve to send a center to have certain, the content that is in China so sheds an enterprise to will make the first selection of foreign capital retail trade, can urge content of flourishing our country to shed line of business thereby.
New standard will raise content to shed line of business " doorsill "
Occupy Meng Guojiang to divulge, new bid brigadier rises to spread the demand of the enterprise to content, change incommensurate before content to shed a few regulation that industry grows, for instance to " content sheds bar code " , manufacturer home, agent has his bar code each previously, arrive after the retailing shop, each retail stores or so that the bar code that the supermarket affixes him even identifies, wasted much labor power and financial capacity, new bid brigadier tries to this standard, commodity will use a bar code in consumer hand all the time from manufacturer home.
Meng Guojiang still discloses, new bid brigadier rises to spread the demand of enterprise informatization to content accordingly, he points out, informatization degree is at present inferior become domestic other people to shed an enterprise to develop " bottleneck " , for instance, besides a few in beyond large, well-known business company, general business " chain " the enterprise did not come true " unified purchase, unified deserve to send, unified settle accounts " , make of retail business " chain is managed " the advantage is developed hard.
To home according to the investigation data of 304 business company shows, without discovery an enterprise realized 100 % to unite deserve to send, unified deserve to send lead what control in 40 % to have 59; Deserve to send rate interpose to have 204 between % of 50 % ~70; Deserve to send lead the commercial company that obtains % of 70 % ~90 to be not worth 41. And the country that develops in retail trade height, for example the domestic Le Fu of American Woerma, France, their commercial other people sheds a center deserve to send rate is OK achieve % of 70 % ~90.
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