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2000 edition explain ISO9000 level
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ISO9000 standard 2000 edition explanation
Does the person that after is new standard carried out, use need to undertake modification to its quality system?

After new standard is carried out, do not need to undertake modification to the quality system of oneself instantly, but the person that each are used is best can learn new edition adequately beforehand draft standard, so that understand,ISO organizes the requirement of pair of quality systems after 2000. Purpose of new standard castigatory is not the program that the person that the hope is used revises its quality system or establishs them afresh entirely, hope they can be in the new requirement that concerns inside revised edition standard however proper when application goes in its system, in order to make a system more perfect.

Who is in charge of the explanatory job of clauses of pair of revised edition standard?

After new edition standard is published formally, the person that use can be in national standard body of the country to seek the explanation of pair of standard clauses to its, the person that ISO secretariat and TC 176 reject a complaint are used independently each explains the direct inquiry of the respect about the standard. But ISO / TC 176 already built a project to run special working group through formal order (PMG) the to new standard clause explanation that is in charge of technically be being referred to standard body of each country country will undertake check and affirming.

Whether does the person that after is new standard carried out, use need to write its afresh whole system file?

Do not need. If use person current quality management system is being carried out by successful ground, and the need that can satisfy its quality objective, can reflect each work of the organization adequately, edit at the same time all new requirements that raise in the standard already were reflected in systematic file came out, do not need to do any modification to existing systematic file so; Of course, if have systematic file to reveal the new requirement that raises in the standard without body, still need complement so a few proper new documents.

If at present the organization is according to ISO 9002 ∶ 1994 or ISO 9003 ∶ 1994 undertake registered / attestation, what does the organization need to do?

Once ISO 9001 ∶ 2000 publish, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 will become invalid. You evaluate need ISO 9001 ∶ 2000 in the specific requirement that with you characteristic photograph fits, and the degree that your existing quality management system satisfies these requirements. Standard of the 7th chapter " permission clipping " ask to inapplicable how clipping undertook making clear.

In where can be the pertinent information of standard of concerned revised edition obtained?

A variety of origin can obtain ISO 9000 quality to run the concerned message of standard of systematic revised edition, include internet sth resembling a net among them, it was offerred about edit the more detailed information of the respect such as the program, content that is updated, is the ISO center secretariat that is set in Switzerland also Http:// in its address? / Www. Iso. Make public on the website of Ch released about edit the general news of the program. At the same time the aux will be able to of national standard body of each country is the person that use provide copy of newest revised edition draft quite, each attestation / registers an orgnaization to also can offer a standard to change the guideline file that arranges a respect.
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