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Standard of international of ISO14000 environment management is basic concept
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Standard of international of ISO14000 environmental management is basic concept
Standard basic idea
ISO14000 series standard is an international standard that ISO/TC207 of international Organization for Standardization is in charge of drafting. Basically be aimed at all organizations, emphasize pollution prevention of environmental management unifinication and the standard that improve continuously. ISO14000 is the environmental administration level of a series, it included environmental management system, environmental examine and verify, environmental mark, the international environment such as lifecycle analysis manages a lot of focus problems inside the domain, aim to coach of all kinds organization (enterprise, company) obtain and behave correct environmental behavior. ISO14000 series standard differentiates a series in all, namely, environmental management system (EMS) . Environmental examine and verify (EA) , environment indicates (behavior of EL) , environment is evaluated (EPE) , lifecycle is evaluated (LCA) , term and definition (T&A) , the environmental index in product standard.
Standard generation setting
ISO14000 series standard is to comply with international to go up to take environmental protection seriously increasingly, the old tendency that emphasizes can developing continuously and of generation. From this century 70 time begin, since the whole world realizes industrialized big production generally, of pair of environments that manufacturing activity of the mankind creates wanton destroy will bring about the retaliation with more merciless to the mankind nature. Since 80 time, a few companies of the United States and Western Europe are polluted to decrease, raise the figure in the public to manage support in order to obtain goods, begin to establish respective environmental management pattern, this is the rudiment of environmental management system. Holand took the lead in putting forward to build business environment to manage systematic concept 1985. Try out was carried out 1988, entered standardization and system of licensing 1990. European Union of of the same age discussed issue of environmental examine and verify technically on the environmental round table of Munich. England is in level of BS5750(quality system) on the foundation, make BS7750 environment manage a system to draft a law. After the environmental examine and verify of British BS7750 and European Union is carried out, a lot of countries of Europe develop attestation activity in succession, by the 3rd city in order to prove the environmental performance of the enterprise, these practice activities laid the foundation that ISO14000 series standard produces. Accordingly, 1992 the delegacy of 183 countries, the Riode Janeiro of delegate party Brazil that 70 international such as U.N. and its subordinate orgnaization organize, held U.N. environment and development plenary meeting. The conference is passed and sign heat " in about environment and development are enunciative " , " 21 centuries agenda " wait for 5 style, gave out carry out the appeal that can develop the strategy continuously. Of this congress hold, the times that indicates seek can develop a whole world continuously began. Each government is led, scientist and public realise the end that wants implementation to be able to develop continuously, must change industry to pollute pilot strategy, manage proceed with from beaded finish condition, build pollution prevention (clean production) new idea. Through the " ego of the enterprise control of decision-making, ego, ego runs " way, manage environmental management be in harmony in the round at the enterprise in. For this, international Organization for Standardization (ISO) runs technical committee at establishing an environment in June 1993 (ISO/TL207) , begin technically make ISO14000 environment run series level. Its purpose is through be being carried out inside global limits this covers a standard, the environmental behavior that manage from the environment and all organizations such as normative enterprise and social organization go to on the tie that economy grows, utmost ground is reasonable configuration and resource conservation, reduce the human activity effect to the environment, maintain and improve the mankind to live continuously the environment with development.
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