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ISO14000 standard is formed reach a characteristic
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ISO14000 standard is formed reach characteristic

"ISO 14000 " it is ISO organizes those who be TC207 obligate to come from ISO 14001 ISO14100 a general designation of number of these 100 levels.

6 standards that issue formally already are:

, ISO 14001 environment runs a system, the standard reachs use guideline;

, ISO 14004 environment runs a system, principle, system and the technology that prop up is current guideline;

, guideline of examine and verify of ISO 14010 environment, general principle;

, guideline of examine and verify of ISO 14011 environment, program of examine and verify, examine and verify of environmental management system;

, guideline of examine and verify of ISO 14012 environment, the qualificatory requirement of environmental management auditor;

, ISO 14040 lifecycle is evaluated, the principle is mixed frame

Standard characteristic

Freewill sex standard, with the market for driving force

The abidance that emphasizes pair of concerned law, code accordance, the requirement without very environment behavior

Emphasize pollution prevention and last improve

Emphasize administration system

Extensive applicability

Can attestation sex