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Collect holds unit level
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Collect holds unit standard
Number level grade standard name
Straight honest system carries A001 GB4892-85 horniness the report packs measure series
A002 GB/T2934-1996 through traffic general flat pallet is main dimension and public errand
Term of A003 GB/T3716-1993 tray term
A004 GB/T4995-1996 through traffic is general demand of flat pallet performance
A005 GB/T4996-1996 through traffic is general flat pallet experiments method
A006 GB/T15234-94 plastic flat pallet
Flat pallet of steeliness of A007 GB/0486-89 railroad freight
A008 GB/T16470-1996 tray is packed
A009 GB7285-87 wood container term
A010 GB12464-90 common wooden case
A011 GB7284-87 frame wooden case
The A012 GB191-1990 Chu Yuntu that pack is shown indicate
Foundation of the A013 GB/T4122.1-1996 term that pack
The A014 GB/T4122.2-1996 term that pack is mechanical
A015 GB/T4122.3-1997 is packed term defends
A016 GB/T4857.5-1992 packs method of experiment of carriage package railroad
A017 GB/T4857.6-1992 packs carriage package to roll experiment method
A018 GB/T4857.11-1992 packs carriage package level to pound an experiment method
A019 GB/T4857.12-1992 packs carriage package immersion test method
A020 GB10454-1989 flexible container bag
A021 GB17448-1998 container bag carries the measure that pack series