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Feeder weapon standard
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Feeder fetterses standard
Number level grade standard name
Safety of feeder of D001 GB16490-1996 vibration is normative
D002 JB/T2604-1994 electromagnetism is oscillatory feeder technology condition
Type of oscillator of wall of D003 JB/T3002-1994 storehouse basic parameter and dimension
Feeder of disc of D004 JB/T3666-1996 condole type
D005 JB/T3667-1996 type disc feeder
D006 JB/T3813-1999 is light template type feeder
D007 JB/T4040-1999 weighs template type feeder
The template in D008 JB/T4255-1999 type feeder
D009 JB/T7555-1994 is inertial oscillatory feeder
Type of feeder of D010 JB/T8114.1-1999 electromagnetism vibration and basic parameter
Electromagnetism of D011 JB/T53449-1994 GZ is oscillatory classify of feeder product quality