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Industrial traffic standard
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Industry vehicle standard
Number level grade standard name
E001 GB/T4695-1984 is narrow appearance of tread of vehicle of course engine car reachs size
Term of E002 GB/T5140-1985 forklift link up with fork
Stability of forklift of E003 GB/T5141-1985 counterbalance type is basic experiment
Stability test of type of E004 GB/T5142-1985 reach and forklift of the type that insert a leg
Technology of overhead guard of E005 GB/T5143-1985 tall lift-trucks asks and experiment method
Technology of fork of E006 GB/T5182-1996 forklift asks and experiment
The dimension of E007 GB/T5183-1985 forklift fork
Link up with of E008 GB/T5184-1996 forklift fork and fork wear installation size
Term of term of traffic of E009 GB/T6104-1985 motor-driven industry
Symbol of control of traffic of industry of E010 GB/T7593-1987 motor-driven
Traffic of industry of E011 GB10827-1999 motor-driven is safe and normative
The examination of in use of fork of forklift of E012 GB/T17910-1999 industry traffic and rehabilitate
Electric car drawing uses car of E013 GB/T17938-1999 industry plumbic acid storage battery is first chosen voltage
Forklift of E014 JB/T2390-1984 counterbalance type basic parameter
E015 JB/T2391-1994 0.5-10 ton counterbalance type forklift technical condition
Type of E016 JB/T2785-1994 factory diesel locomotive and basic parameter
Forklift of type of E017 JB/T3244-1999 reach basic parameter
Diesel locomotive of E018 JB/T3247-1991 factory current technology condition
Method of experiment of diesel locomotive of E019 JB/T3248-1991 factory and test gauge
E020 JB/T3298-1996 hand uses hydraulic pressure tray carries a car
E021 JB/T3299-1999 hand uses hydraulic pressure of the type that insert a leg forklift
Forklift of E022 JB/T3300-1992 counterbalance type is overall experiment method
E023 JB/T3340-1999 inserts leg type forklift is basic parameter
Car of stow of E024 JB/T3341-1999 tray basic parameter
E025 JB/T3773.1-1999 tray is carried the vehicle is main parameter
E026 JB/T3773.2-1999 tray is carried the car is overall experiment method
E027 JB/T3773.3-1999 tray carries car technology condition
E028 JB/T3811.1-1999 secures platform to carry a car basic parameter
E029 JB/T3811.2-1999 fixed platform carries car technology condition
E030 JB/T6127-1992 is dynamoelectric flatcar technology condition
Diesel locomotive of E031 JB6131-1992 factory is safe and normative
E032 JB/T7313-1994 lift-trucks is basic series of form and load lifting capacity
Forklift of E033 JB/T9012-1999 flank type
Product of E034 JB/T50085-1996 electric platform car quality classify
Classify of quality of product of E035 JB/T51005-1992 forklift link up with fork
E036 JB/T51006-1992 0.5-10 ton inside light counterbalance type
E037 JB/T51059-1994 accumulator classify of quality of product of counterbalance type forklift
Classify of quality of product of E038 JB/T53475-1994 factory diesel locomotive
E039 JB/T53477-1994 hand changes quality of product of car of hydraulic pressure of the type that insert a leg classify
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