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The applied standard that modern other people spreads
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The application that modern other people sheds standard
The applied standard cent that modern other people sheds is:
① identifies automatically with sorting dog technical standard
Identify a technology automatically to basically have: Bar code technology, scanning technology and radio frequency technology. Standard of bar code technology basically includes a code to make standard and standard of bar code label.
The code makes a standard basically have: 128 are made, across is made 25 times, 39 are made etc.
Standard of bar code label basically has: Standard of standard of commodity bar code, 128 bar code, commerce is unit standard of 128 bar code, across matrix of the standard of one dimension bar code such as bar code standard and PDF417 bar code, QR piles up standard of standard of 25 bar code, 39 bar code, Kudeba wait for standard of 2 dimension bar code.
In content the standard related the radio frequency in shedding management or standard have: Standard of technology of label of content shedding radio frequency, content sheds radio frequency identifying to read write implement applied standard and radio frequency identify course newsletter standard to wait.
Standard of switch of ② electron data
Basically include electronic data to exchange standard of syntactic standard and message of electronic data switch.
The syntactic standard that data of the electron on international exchanges by U.N. Economic Commission Europe the 4th working group is made.
EANCOM is standard of switch of data of current domain electron. Arrive at present, have 47 message. Cent is: Advocate data kind, commerce trades kind, report and plan kind, carry kind, financial kind and current message kind.