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Transducer can write Cheng pilot representative application
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Transducer can write Cheng pilot representative application
--Accumulator forklift gear-box adjusts testing stand

Miao Shulan of Zhao Xijiang of factory of forklift of treasure chicken join forces (721001)

Miao Shulan of Zhao Xijiang of factory of forklift of treasure chicken join forces (721001)Summary]: Move to be the gearshift that controls a target with time, can apply transducer to be able to make up Cheng control to undertake reliable gearshift is controlled
Can apply transducer to be able to make up Cheng control to undertake reliable gearshift is controlledKeyword]: Transducer timing can make up programmed control to make two key operate
The maturity that makes technology and SPWM modulation technology as control of high-power brilliant brake makes transducer is made make a series, it is low-pressure transducer only, its power limits comes from 0.4KW 660KW. Range of application of transducer timing control is wide, involve contemporary a lot of industries, such as: Metallurgy, papermaking, presswork, spin, food, beverage, pack, machine tool, elevator. The application of special transducer solved timing to control a problem not only, more important is to still be had energy-saving fall cost advantage. Its are general the diversity that transducer is dominating program and timing multistage and stepless sex received more wide application in industrial control.
As a result of a variety of reasons, very not stable, noise exceeds the performance after the gear-box of accumulator forklift form a complete set of my company is being assembled mark, need to get on a car to adjust ability of very long period of time to reach national level. This affected the response to selling order for goods not only speed and the cycle that make a car, and the workload that still increased test-drive class and labor intensity, from this we had control of applied transducer timing to make " accumulator forklift gear-box adjusts testing stand " tentative idea.
We apply spring day of transducer of company limited KVFC422E but process designing is multistage fast control, the experiment on testing stand is adjusted in accumulator forklift gear-box, got very remarkable result. The accumulator forklift gear-box of my company can adjust testing stand to undertake adjusting an experiment in gear-box now. Want to revise among them control parameter only, can get each tonnage gear-box adjust plan, can optimize newlier at any time adjust plan, accomplish one machine multi-purpose.
If the graph shows 1 times,accumulator forklift gear-box adjusts run time and speed-distance curve:

Graph 1

Gear-box running-in uses positive and negative two paragraphs fast move, this transducer can install 8 at most but process designing frequency paragraph, each paragraphs of frequency becomes independent each other, 6500S of ~ of run time OFF/0.1, add, slowdown time 0.1 ~ 6500S, frequency 0 ~ 50.00Hz is OK and aleatoric adjustable, each paragraphs of gearshift considers his to quicken time and slowdown time rationality only. To its here the principle of programme controll tries to state: Control fashion by what functional code appoints, make step of a program via many combination, include in every program situation: Time of frequency of locomotive way, set, movement, increase slowdown time. Start movement is received to dictate when moving, with the direction of rotation that appoints by functional code, add slowdown time to begin to move, locomotive clock begins computation by order, transfer next timer inside designation time. If unused program situation but its run time is set 0.0S. So the program will cross this program situation to enter next timer directly, turn to control an area next directly. The mode of 3 kinds of loops that each pace and process designing run cooperates those who realized equipment to open, stop moving control. In running a course, want to lead metabolic speed to undertake limitative to each paragraphs of frequency, add slowdown time change to should not be too fast, it is to protect equipment not to suffer concussion, can protect transducer occurrence breakdown to call the police in time moreover.
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