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Foreign tire standard reachs management
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Association of American tire rim (technology of rim of tire of TRA) , Europe is organized (ETRTO) and association of maker of tire of Japanese motor-driven car (the tire that JATMA) is Europe and the United States, Japan respectively standardizes working organization, the standard that its establish is influential force and the have certain authority level on international.
1. Current situation of standard of tire of Europe, beauty, day
The tire standard of Europe, beautiful, day reflected the advanced level of current world in a lot of respect, show will main characteristic brief and Baconian as follows:
(1) unit of measurement. The unit of measurement of tire dimension, baric, bear and speed, the United States uses international unit and imperial unit double track to make, europe is single international unit, and Japanese tyre pressure still uses KPa and Cm 2 of Kgf / two kinds of units, this is helpful for the mutual communication between international.
(High speed of tire of tubeless of line of midday of vehicle of sedan of 2) low section develops. Current, comprehensive low section changes the passenger car tyre of Europe, beautiful, day and child midday is changed is development trend, in its tire standard, share of tire of line of midday of vehicle of low section sedan gets flying development. The tire of car meridian tubeless that there already were 25 serieses in the ETRTO standard manual of edition 2003 among them; Also listed in the TRA standard almanac of edition 2003 the tire of tubeless of meridian of first wife car of 30 series; And the JATMA standard almanac of edition is medium 2003, the aspect ratio lowest of passenger car tyre is 40, namely 40 series, with our country circumstance about the same. The car that already did not first wife in Europe is inclined make tire, in the United States 75D16 of / of 80D16 of / of only also P155, P215 is mixed 75D16 of P225 / 3 norms, japan also has 5 only. 60-13, 6. 00-16 and H78-15 3 norms. Additional, 2003 in the ETRTO standard manual of edition, listed the 70 S with 80 series temporarily tire of spare car meridian, the 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 T with 95 series temporarily tire of spare car meridian. These S allow with T spare inclined make tire and tape bundle inclined the presence that makes tire, did not put in form, just inform with the form of remarks; 2003 listed in the TRA standard almanac of edition the 60, 70, 80 T with 90 series reserve temporarily car meridian tire and car are inclined make tire, listed in Japanese standard the T of 70, 80, 90 series fold type with 75, 80 series temporarily spare car is inclined make tire, and the T of 70, 80 series temporarily tire of spare car meridian.
As tire section aspect ratio reduce, rim name diameter is bigger and bigger also, the 35, 30 rim name diameters that reach 25 series passenger car tyre are in mostly 21 of 17 ~ , some tire already assembled 22, 23 with the rim of 24. The accretion of rim name diameter, make tire can get used to the requirement of high speed travel more.
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