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Motion of drive of red accept conspicuous controls a seminar to be held successf
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Two ground way develops Suzhou, Tianjin, trade public figure conspires development

Seminar of control of sport of drive of red accept conspicuous holds Suzhou, Tianjin successfully two ground way develops, trade public figure conspires to develop the motion with —— banner on June 5, 2008 whole world to control solution provider drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company will be in Suzhou and Tianjin to hold motion to control a seminar respectively on May 27 at will be being mixed on May 20. Drive of conspicuous of accept of the red on the conference introduced newest motion to control technology and solution, with electron, machine tool, presswork the manufacturer that waits for a domain, agency and client spot communication, discuss the newest motion inside the industry to control product and solution jointly.
This the main content of the seminar includes: Technology of control of sport of drive of red accept conspicuous is in electron, machine tool and presswork the application that waits for an industry, and transmission tastes Dannahe newly 2008 recommend. The new product of key introduction has: Electric machinery of S300&S600 servo driver, servo, direct drive electric machinery and sharp movement unit. This is scale is the largest seminar since drive of red accept conspicuous enters China, aim to reinforce the synergic concern between manufacturer, agency and client, enhance each other communication and communication, promote each close cooperation between.
Engineer of CTO, system application Mr Chen Zhitong introduced area of China of drive of red accept conspicuous above all servo electric machinery and controller product, and product of direct drive electric machinery. The AKM servo electromotor of drive of red accept conspicuous and actuating device provide unprecedented choice and flexibility for the user with extensive standard product, advanced SERVOSTAR? Product of series of driver of high-powered servo of S300 and S600 provides the voltage support of wide extensive for all sorts of electric machinery. Mr Chen expresses: Drive of conspicuous of “ red accept devotes oneself to to offer whole exercise to control a solution for OEM equipment manufacturer all the time. The design center that its spread all over the whole world can let products plan and prototype make cooperate mutual and harmoniously, closely, not only the strict requirement of can contented client, and still can provide appreciation service for its. ”
Selling manager Guo Mr Bin introduced area of north of product of machinery of drive of red accept conspicuous the mechanical product of drive of red accept conspicuous. Move point-blank in production high quality unit respect, drive of red accept conspicuous has long history, its are linear slideway is in the design of relevant market production domain keeps banner more.
Seminar spot still was deployed the product is revealed and demonstrate a system, allow an user the product that 0 distances experienced drive of red accept conspicuous and plan. They are revealed to the product of the spot offerred very tall warmth, was to give height the opinion more to the major introduction of engineers. Pass this seminar user promotional the understanding to drive of red accept conspicuous, increased to express the confidence that uses a product to Dannahe, express to hope to start the collaboration with drive of red accept conspicuous in the near future in succession. It is reported, the series product seminar of drive of red accept conspicuous still will be in before long land Xi'an in the future, the acknowledge in user heart spends the product that promotes Dannahe drive further.
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