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Drive of red accept conspicuous rolls out new-style Dover only axle control impl
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The perfect union of top technology, conduce to hard disk driver achieving the biggest rate stability and quicker agency test

On July 2, 2008 -- the provider of athletic control solution with banner whole world drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company rolled out Dover DMM-101 only axle control recently implement combine with product of ST1 air bearing. DMM-101 and ST1 can be application of hard disk drive to offer as product combination already match completely, easily compositive subsystem solution, also can sell alone.

Data of Dover of drive of red accept conspicuous stores sectional manager Mark Wilson expresses: "Dover product is famed with extremely high motion performance and dependability, and DMM-101 and ST1 product are combined more these advantages that highlighted Dover product. This product combination includes the share such as controller, main shaft, software, cable. Make better data storage solution to help original equipment manufacturer, this one completely compositive system need not the component with user special preparation, also need not they consider to assemble a part with achieving performance the biggest change. Also need not they consider to assemble a part with achieving performance the biggest change..

Appliance of brand-new DMM-101 only axle control has unapproachable speed to stabilize function (0.0006 % can be achieved in the stability below the rotate speed of 7200 Rpm) , still can be addition aerial track density to provide stable test platform at the same time. The interface of DMM 101 is very agile, can use MCS-LA2000 already, also can use MFM-BDC-610, special agree with as at present of media instrument simple and easy replace component. The PID gain with adjustable user adjusts the function that can optimize any effective load to fall.

In addition, DMM-101 can rotate in in locate main shaft at any coder, at the same time need not coder number and electric machinery extremely several photographs match, simplified from this the commutative process of the user.

ST1 air bearing has extremely low error rate, be as high as 20, the error when 000 Rpm is less than 1.5 accept rice (1 Sigma) . ST1 can be inside the time that is less than 1 second raise the rate of 65 Mm disk to 15, 000 Rpm, compare with congener product photograph, can reduce moment of inertia 33 % , raised agency handling capacity and agency test rate from this.

About Dover of drive of red accept conspicuous
Dover of drive of red accept conspicuous devotes oneself to to be the whole world to the market is designed and make accurate motion control a solution, the standard that its make and custom-built component and system, already used in the project of original equipment manufacturer and final user. From air bearing technology, guide controller of screw and design of ball guide screw, electron and small-sized platform, wear to large stage, dover of drive of red accept conspicuous has very outstanding capacity, can offer component class and systematic course solution.
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