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Strong thrust of drive of red accept conspicuous gives the motion that is aimed
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the help manufacturer of solar energy industry improves manufacturing efficiency significantly

The provider of athletic control solution with —— banner on May 16, 2008 whole world drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company announces now, this company will be the integral solution that this one burgeoning industry offers solar energy to be formed by sharp movement unit and helix elevator, use at promoting polycrystalline silicon ingot casting furnace, solar battery board dog the function of the solar energy equipment such as the system and character.
In recent years, the price of traditional the sources of energy such as oil and benzine rises continuously all the time. Meanwhile, environmental protection theme is increasingly thorough also popular feeling. These demand all made reproducible the swift and violent development that solar energy of —— of new-style and clean the sources of energy uses in all trades and professions. Polycrystalline silicon is the main raw material that produces a solar battery, furnace of its ingot casting is as high as in market size of China annual 200~300 stage. Regard the large control that an intelligence turns as equipment, furnace of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting all has extremely high demand to precision, dependability and automation degree. The product of traditional sport control that this equipment uses is hydraulic pressure oil cylinder and guide screw slideway, dan Jian is installed and safeguard daily more complex, dependability is finite and go against cleanness. Drive of red accept conspicuous is new solution of freshness solar energy trade will move point-blank first unit and helix elevator form a complete set are used, solved these difficult problem effectively.
The product that drive of red accept conspicuous uses in this solution basically results from Sweden and Germany. Among them, sharp movement unit is produced from Sweden, have high accuracy, low attrition, low speed to move to wait for an advantage smoothly, 1 meter of height that applicable is as long as 12 hours at last a period of time of body of heater of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting promotes; And helix elevator comes from Germany, it allows high speed burden to move, have high temperature resistant, dependability to wait for a characteristic by force. These character all were satisfied modular installation, compositive the trade demand with the special furnace of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting such as degree of tall, use cleanness, raised manufacturing outstanding achievement significantly. Current, drive of red accept conspicuous already with home a few famous solar energy are odd / the manufacturer spread out furnace of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting to cooperate.
Besides furnace of polycrystalline silicon ingot casting, the mechanical product of drive of red accept conspicuous still will apply Yu Taiyang can cell panel dogs system and system of housetop solar energy. Relevant data points out, these systems can make solar battery board generate electricity efficiency rises 30% to 40 % . Bin of selling manager Guo represents district of north of product of machinery of drive of red accept conspicuous: Since drive of conspicuous of “ red accept enters Chinese market oneself, devote oneself to to offer complete solution for the client all the time, is the sale of component not just. Our high quality solution had won numerous industry client approbate. To the industry application of this solar energy, we will continue to adopt the service that spreads all over the whole world and support form, according to the client's demand, the campaign that provides comprehensive, development for the client at any time and place controls product solution, promote the joint development of entire industry. ”
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