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Swiss board manufacturer applies passive LF label to manage inventory
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International plywood and particieboard manufacturer -- Swiss Krono holding company is using RFID navigation system at its to be in at present Hungarian the storehouse with Slovak, carry out in the storehouse that still a system will be in Germany July. These areas of every storehouse installed label of 1600 many LF each layers in all, can dog forklift and to load and the shift that uninstall board.

This system undertook installing in every storehouse of 3 countries, nevertheless this company still plans to expand this system further to other area. The system basically is to be based on the technology that two companies develop Bavaria, these two companies are respectively: SEP Logistik of provider of inventory management software and real time dog systematic supplier Indyon. Detailed case analysis is below:

Join forces research and development uses the RELAG software of RFID navigation system

The first those who use this system is factory of ® of ¢rt ¨ of ¨ of Hungarian Kronospan-Mofa Farostlemezgy. Layer of this company director all the time since want to establish a more efficient location system, when using fixed position plywood and particieboard to be the same as, undertake with ensuring the earliest commodity can sell the earliest pledging measuring trying group by group. The memory that the factory is support detailed list and employee previously is finished by hand dog the task, the altogether in tray of Hungarian Kronospan-Mofa storehouse has 200 kinds of plywood and particieboard, determine to be 5 meters highly, long 15 reach 20 meters.

Found SEP Logistik when Hungarian Kronospan-Mofa begins the warehouse with new program, these two companies study jointly later gave out a solution -- the RELAG software that SEP Logistik offerred to use RFID navigation system.

Hungarian Kronospan-Mofa first try out this RFID system

After new in August 2007 warehouse builds, Hungarian Kronospan-Mofa begins to use this system oneself, 134kHz label was installed in the vitreous capsule of cement ground. These label are offerred by heart state apparatus, accord with ISO 11784 standard, there is peculiar encode number inside every label, all these information store in the database the storehouse position information with label is linked together.

After board production comes out, pile up in tray, can affix in front of of tray then imprint encode having ID and the ticket that the product shows. The driver is used deployed bar code scanner and RFID inquiry implement forklift choose tray, the bar code scanner on forklift is read in storehouse management system can conveying information after taking tray label.

Then the information of meeting general earning dispatchs this system to forklift touch monitor of act of firebug charging pattern, demonstrative driver puts tray on specific lot. The RFID that installs on forklift is read take implement read after taking label, computer system can update the position of forklift instantly.
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