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Shi Le uses RFID technology management to deserve to send central forklift
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Xerox is in Ohio deserve to send a heart to will use I.D. The supervisory system of traffic of PowerKeyPLUS wireless industry of Systems manages forklift. PowerKeyPLUS system uses RFID technology to manage car pass in and out, safety to detect with pressure induction.

PowerKeyPLUS also can regard a platform as patulous I.D. The motorcade of Wireless Asset Net of Systems manages a technology. This system changes report car problem, basis to the use circumstance arrangement with practical car is maintained and choose beautiful through uploading car data, electron automatically the maintenance cost that optimal time reduces car.

"We are very glad to again the big company of a world-class becomes our client, " I.D. Systems sells vice-president Peter Fausel to say, "We are expecting to introduce our best technology Xerox, help them manage the intrinsic safety related to data processing car, productivity and cost problem.