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Drive of red accept conspicuous rolls out MechaWare 3.0 kit
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MechaWare 3.0 realized mechanical system and the perfect union that dominate software design, the innovation that accelerated original equipment manufacturer is periodic

On August 7, 2008 -- the provider of athletic control solution with banner whole world drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company rolled out MechaWare 3.0 kit recently, this is course of study inside exclusive the Electromechanical kit that a will mechanical system and control software design perfect union, can realize faster design cycle, taller motion systematization to be able to be mixed faster appear on the market time.

MechaWare is athletic system design only, can make software engineer and mechanical engineer collective design, test and revise custom-built motion algorithm, needs time and cost are equivalent to the one fraction of traditional pattern only. MechaWare 3.0 includes one a complete set of to catch, record and visible tool, can mix mechanical data, I/O data software data is compositive at same in measuring an environment, the analysis that achieves pair of machine performance easily and optimize. Function of drive of red accept conspicuous controls officer of technology of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries Dr. Robert Steele to point out: "The time that traditional pattern needs to spend a few months normally and of on 10 thousand dollars outside bag cost, and MechaWare 3.0 interiorly can be solved, and need a few hours only normally. And need a few hours only normally..

MechaWare deserves to have module of function of a standard, reduced the demand of academic to professional control knowledge, simplified to control the working flow between module development and test of real time machine, but handy and compositive in tripartite tool, wait like MatLab, Simulink, still can download moving code directly, check and measure the real time performance of the machine. MechaWare still can let machine stylist use device of new-style accelerometer feedback, the weight of machine is reduced in designing a process and reduce hardness, design lighter, faster, smaller, more accurate machine thereby. Function of drive of red accept conspicuous controls Bill West of project chief inspector to express: "Had MechaWare, mechanical engineer and software engineer can combine their special skill adequately, make a better machine quickly with lower cost. The user can describe their design quickly now, still can use the tool with advanced other and technology at the same time, can come true from this more innovation, more successful machine design. Can come true from this more innovation, more successful machine design..

About drive of red accept conspicuous

In the past 60 old in, the brand that the technical innovation of drive of red accept conspicuous trusts through its user is driving motion to control the ceaseless innovation of the industry all the time, banner inferior card includes the many famous brands such as MEI, Kollmorgen, Thomson, Dover and Portescap. As the whole world banner electromagnetism and mechanical movement control solution provider, drive of red accept conspicuous devotes oneself to to help the whole world ceaselessly original equipment manufacturer (OEM) make more high grade machine equipment quickly. The product of drive of red accept conspicuous applies Yu Hang extensively empty, medical treatment, robot, semiconductor, electric car and pack wait for industrial department. Drive of red accept conspicuous is company of red accept conspicuous (NYSE trades code name: DHR) one of strategic platform.
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