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Seminar of control of sport of 3 ground itinerate is in drive of red accept cons
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On July 22, 2008 -- the provider of athletic control solution with banner whole world drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) motion of 3 ground itinerate commands 2008 Chinese divisions of company the last station of the seminar will be held in Xi'an on July 10. The staff of technology of more than 130 project such as compositive business, agency entered the key client that comes from northwest area, system this seminar. This is this year that Dannahe runs after transmission afterwards Suzhou, Tianjin the 3rd seminar, the brigade that is 3 ground itinerate delimits went up satisfactory full stop.

Be in this second on the seminar, CTO, system uses area of China of drive of red accept conspicuous key of Bin of selling manager Guo introduced engineer Chen Zhitong and area of mechanical product north the product such as electric machinery of the newest development trends of drive of red accept conspicuous and S300&S600 servo driver, servo, direct drive electric machinery and sharp movement unit, undertook with the technical personnel that attend the meeting face-to-face communication. Mr Chen Zhitong expresses: "The capacity of research and development that drive of red accept conspicuous has the world to precede and production technology, the hope passes this seminar, share our latest technology and product with the personage inside course of study on one hand, provide the platform of a communication for everybody on the other hand, in order to promote the development of industry of Chinese sport control. In order to promote the development of industry of Chinese sport control..

The AKM servo electric machinery of drive of red accept conspicuous and actuating device provide unprecedented choice and flexibility for the client with extensive standard product. The drive of all servo amplifier that electric machinery of new-style AKM servo can produce by drive of red accept conspicuous. Dimension of 7 kinds of flange and contain the feedback system that can supply a choice and various winding options, make its can provide the biggest flexibility for mechanical design.

The S600 of drive of red accept conspicuous is high-powered servo driver structure is compact, function is advanced, join easily, the voltage that can provide wide float supports, a kind of driver can back kind of equipment of all standard feedback in the round. The options card that the most advanced servo drive performance adds bus line of supportive mainstream spot, only axle control implement patulous ability of ability and I/O can be offerred for the client can satisfy the solution that also can satisfy prospective requirement now already.

Range of products covered the sharp movement unit of drive of red accept conspicuous from the the smallest, most compact to the the biggest, most reliable sharp movement unit, its rich slideway system, outstanding ball screw and technology of leather belt drive, can use in the slashing application such as harsh environment and high speed, high accuracy, in order to satisfy all sorts of sharp movement requirement of the client.
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